Apple Photos isn't for Photos

Nov 23, 2016

Today I learned that Apple Photos does not display your photos. Instead, it displays a compressed version thereof. I assume this is done to save space and time, but I think that it defeats the purpose of an application meant to display your photos.

For example, the next photo is a screen shot of a photo (cropped) that I took with my Sony a5000. The first copy is from Photos, the second on Preview:

Apple Photos at 100% Apple Photos at 100%

Preview at 100% Preview at 100%

Now, zooming in some:

Apple Photos zoomed in Apple Photos zoomed in

Preview zoomed in Preview zoomed in

As you can see from this completely unscientific result, using Apple Photos results in a lot of pixelization and looks worse even at 100%. I would not reccomend using Apple Photos for viewing photos.